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    Course Highlights

  • Create and use Groups
  • Create and use Static Sets
  • Combine Sets into more Sets
  • Create Sets via Formulas
  • Control Reference Lines with Parameters
  • Create highly interactive Dashboards
  • Use Quick Table calculations
  • Combine multiple layers of Table Calculations
  • Use trendlines to interrogate data
  • Create powerful storylines for presentation to Executives
  • Understand Level Of Details
  • Understand the difference between Groups and Sets
  • Create and use Dynamic Sets
  • Use Sets as filters
  • Control Sets with Parameters
  • Use multiple fields in the colour property
  • Develop an intrinsic understanding of how table calculations work
  • Write your own Table calculations
  • Use Table Calculations as filters
  • Perform Data Mining in Tableau
  • Create powerful storylines for presentation to Executives
  • Implement Advanced Mapping Techniques

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