Unity Development

Unity Development

Module 1: Introduction to Unity

Module 2: Unity User Interface

Module 3: Understand Unity Game design and basics of C# from scratch

Module 4: Learn about creating 2D & 3D artwork for games

Module 5: Learn to build 2D & 3D games both for mobile & desktop platforms

Module 6: Learn about storytelling features in Unity

Module 7: Learn about particle effects and animation for games using Unity

Module 8: Game Objects and Assets

Module 9: 2D and 3D Animation in unity

Module 10: Working with 2D and 3D Physics in unity

Module 11: Scripting in Game Development

Module 12: Developing a Game Using Unity

Module 13: Creating Player Controls

Module 14: Navigation and Path Finding

Module 15: Design User Interface for Game

Module 16: Camera & Lighting in Game Production

Module 17: Working with Audio in unity

Module 18: Particle system in Unity

Module 19: Publishing Using Unity

Module 20: Building and publishing games

Module 21: Publishing games for different platforms

Module 22: Understand about multiplayer game experiences and procedural generated content

Module 23: Developing Augmented Reality & Virtual reality experience using Unity

Module 24: Learn to create 2D and 3D assets for your games


Unity Games Development Workshop

Unity  Development with Augmented Reality  Workshop

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Unity + AR1537694870.pdf

Unity  Development with Virtual Reality  Workshop

View Syllabus In Pdf

Unity + VR1537694912.pdf


Rs.18000(In offer limited time period)

Rs. 20000

    Course Highlights

  • Basic Training starting with fundamentals
  • Advanced Topics covered with examples
  • Live Projects & Assignments
  • 100% Practical Training
  • Home Assignments for Practice
  • Course delivery through industry experts
  • Free Notes and Study Material
  • Fast track and Sunday Batches available on request
  • Additional Sessions for Doubt Clearing 100%
  • Placement Assistance to students Android App Certification Program Unity Development Internship Program
  • Unity developers perform a lot of functions under a number of different designation with various job roles in Android. 1. Game Architect 2. Unity Developer 3. Mobile Game Developer 4. Game Artist 5. Game Lead

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