iOS Iphone Apps Development

iOS Iphone Apps Development

Module 1 : iOS Development Environment.
Introduction to iOS SDK.
What’s new in iOS.
SDK Tools.
What’s new in Xcode.
Using XCodeUsing Interface Builder.
Using iPhone Simulator .

Module 2 : Swift Fundamentals .
Hello Swift.
Swift Playground .

Module 3 : Swift Language Basics.
Core Data Types.
String Type.
Tuples & Optionals.
Constants & Variables.
Statements & Operators.
Control Flow & Decisions.

Module 4 : Basic Object Oriented Programming using Swift.
Types versus instances.
Member and static methods.
Custom initialization & De-initialization .
Properties .

Module : Advanced Object Oriented Programming using Swift.
Introducing optionals.
Unwrapping an optional.
Optional binding .
Nested Types.
Generic Types.
Protocol .

Module 6 :  iPhone Application Basics and Life Cycle.
Anatomy of an iPhone application.
Application Life cycle and States .

Module 7: View Controllers.
Creating View Controllers.
Content vs Container View Controllers 10.4. Orientation Management.

Module 8 : Networking, Connectivity etc.
Making web request.
Restful services.
Apple Push Notification Service .


iOS Iphone Apps Development Workshop

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iOS Iphone App Development Basic Intermediate 30 Hours

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    Course Highlights

  • iOS Development Environment and Life cycle.
  • Hello word Program.
  • Swift basics and syntax.
  • Basic Object Oriented Programming using Swift.
  • Optionals and Protocols.
  • MVC pattern and structure.
  • Webservices and notifications in iOS.

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